Ayurvedic Treatment For ​Eye Care

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​Eye Care, Our work schedule and busy lifestyle have taken a toll on our body and its health. Urbanization and economic development in the present generation have to lead to inappropriate working hours, few habits, and lifestyle changes resulting in the rise of lifestyle-related health problems. We seldom pay attention to ourselves in this race of life. The most important and neglected organ which we don’t pay much attention to is EYES.

Ayurveda for ​Eye Care-An​ introduction: Ayurveda and its techniques primarily aim to work towards the prevention of any ailment and promoting the wellbeing of the patient. Its holistic approach concentrates more on lifestyle changes and natural remedies, which is expected to give proven results. Described under “Shalakya Tantra”(One among the eight parts of ayurvedic medical science), Intensive Eye Care and improving eyesight has been a very vital study.

Its always a bad idea to mistake Ayurvedic Treatment to natural remedies and try at home,​Specialists a necessity to treat when the ailment is related to sense organ like the eye. Though the natural science offers you with many such effective, safe and simple methods to maintain your eyesight or ocular health, we must always make it a point to consult a certified doctor from a good clinic who practices ayurvedic treatment for ocular health. Tip: Do you want to see good results in your​treatment​? Consistency is the key and making it a lifestyle will make you healthier too.

Few ​ayurvedic remedies that can be followed at home to have good eyesight​ : Do you have any ailment related to your vision? You will need to search for a certified ayurvedic practitioner or a hospital that provides good medical services in​Hyderabad​. If you want to keep your eyes healthy and have some minor problems, herbs mentioned below will be of great help.

Triphala churnam: Just like the name Triphala “the three fruits” is a powerful ayurvedic remedy that consists of amla,haritaki, and bibhitaki and also a cure for many other health conditions. All three ingredients are powerful enough to have a balancing effect on three doshas. Triphala churna is used to flush out toxins from the body and maintain a healthy body.

All the three fruits are having strong healing properties making it one of the best remedies in ayurvedic science. Ginko Biloba-the brain tonic The folk remedy, ginkgo Biloba, is the most commonly used herb as good support for mental health treatment(brain tonic). The herb is known to improve blood circulation. The herb is a natural antioxidant and considered to protect our eyesight and strengthen it too. Stress-induced eye damage is controlled due to the antioxidant properties in the herb and also improves the vision of the patient.

Another study also proves that the herb has vascular regulating and neuroprotective effects making it one of the best herbs prescribed by many doctors in the treatment

Rosewater: the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of rose water makes it the best eyewash. This not only gives cooling effect but also alleviates the underlying eye problem if any. Cotton dipped in rose water if kept on eyes for some time, you can get a soothing effect and is a great relaxation for your eyes too.

The ​ayurvedic​ diet to help improve our eyesight:

  1. Eating your almonds every day helps soothe the mental stress and enhances your vision.
  2. Cucumber juice can be both consumed and rubbed with cotton on the eyes to get a soothing effect.
  3. Spinach purifies the blood and increases haemoglobin levels, this will have a good impact on vision.
  4. Vitamin A in carrots improves vision. Beets, dates, oranges, tomatoes also have good amounts of this vitamin.
  5. Apples, grapes, and blueberries are also considered beneficial and have a positive effect on enhancing your vision.

If the problem persists, it’s always safer to search for a​specialist in and around ​Hyderabad. It​’s always better to go for treatment to a certified hospital practising Ayurveda.

Some in-depth discussion about the ayurvedic treatments for Eye Care. Eyes are controlled by pitta dosha, according to natural science. i.e fire and light. The dosha allows us to see by absorbing images and colours. If there is a balance in the doshas our eyes are radiant, healthy, and have good vision.

If there is any misbalance it not only affects the eyes but also the entire system is at risk. A good diet and mental health are the primary need to stay fit and have good vision. Following are a few ayurvedic techniques for eye treatment and care, these will help you with eye strain, improved vision, and treatment of medical conditions.

Tratak: The meditation

  1. Keep a lighted candle exactly horizontal to your eyes.
  2. Meditate on the flame for 2 to 3 mins.
  3. Your eyes get teary and tears clear the dust settled due to pollution.

Sunbath your eyes: Tip: sunbathing is only recommended at sunrise or sunset when there are no harmful rays to damage our eyes.

According to natural science and astrology, the sun rules eyes. Looking at the sun will help improve vision, you can walk on sand, soil, or grass barefoot to have more benefits too. It also activates the pineal gland(the third eye) and gets rid of anxiety and depression too.

Netra tharpanam: As the name says, this treatment requires specialists and a clinic to start. The treatment will help in reducing strain in eyes caused due to high usage of electronic devices. In this treatment, specially prepared warm water in used our the eye sockets This helps with dry eyes, itching, and irritation.

Note: this treatment is not recommended to patients with infections and cataracts.

Foot massage: Padabhyanga is the foot massage performed with special herbal oils, which helps in balancing all the three doshas and stimulates the points in the foot for relaxation and improves vision too. All these must be prescribed and performed by a specialist to get the best results and above all Ayurveda is not just treatment its a way of life which makes you fit and balanced

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