Amazing Benefits of Amla That You Don’t Want to Miss

Health benefits of Amla

If you’re in the Indian subcontinent, chances are you’ve heard about Amla. It’s a herb mentioned in ancient AMALAKI and is packed with health benefits.

Amla is like a superhero—it’s full of Vitamin C and has powerful antioxidants. In simple terms, it’s really good for you. This post talks about the main perks of Amla and even shares some easy recipes and products that make it easy for us to enjoy these benefits.

Health Benefits of Amla 

  1. It Helps in Boosting Immunity
    Amla is like a Vitamin C powerhouse—it has 600-700 mg of Vitamin C in each fruit! Vitamin C is a vitamin that dissolves in water and is like a superhero with strong antioxidant powers.
    Thanks to these powers, Amla helps protect our blood cells from stress and makes our immune cells work better. Some studies with animals and people found that Vitamin C, can stop different kinds of infections and might help you get better faster.
  2. It Helps in Improving Hair Health
    Amla isn’t just good for your health—it can also do wonders for your hair. If you’re struggling with early graying or noticing your hair getting thinner, using Amla and Amla-based products might help make your hair healthier.
    In a study with 42 people dealing with hair loss, using a serum with Amla extract, coconut, and other natural stuff really helped their hair grow better and look thicker.
    There’s also this test-tube study that found Amla could help hair grow more by increasing certain cells in hair follicles.
    Now, keep in mind that while Amla juice benefits for hair still need more research, using Amla for your hair, like in Brungamalaki thailam or Neelibringadi keram, can give your hair the care it needs.
  3. It’s Good for Your Eyes too…
    Amla is full of Vitamin C, and guess what? It’s good for your eyes! Vitamin C helps make our vision better and keeps our eyes healthy.
    But that’s not all—Amla can also make our eye muscles stronger and might even stop eye problems like cataracts. Because Amla has awesome antioxidant powers, it can stop those pesky things called free radicals, which often cause cataracts.
    To get the most out of Amla for your eyes, use the right Ayurvedic products the right way.
  4. It Helps in Improving Digestion
    Amla juice can be pretty good for your digestion, according to some studies.
    In one study with 68 people who had stomach issues, taking two Amla extract tablets (500 mg each) twice a day for four weeks helped make heartburn less severe and happen less often.
    Another study from 2011 found that Amla can help with things like diarrhea, muscle spasms, and stomach cramps. Because it has lots of antioxidants and works like a natural cleanser, Amla helps your stomach and the rest of your body get rid of bad stuff. It also makes your bowels feel better and work properly.
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Final Words

Amla is a herb that comes from the Indian subcontinent and is packed with lots of health benefits. That’s why it’s often talked about in Ayurvedic texts.

In this blog, we went over some of the good things Amla can do for your health. I hope you found this helpful!

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