Is Ayurveda Good for Skin Problems?

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Vardhan Ayurveda Hospitalis Best Ayurvedic Hospitals for Skin Problems, Everybody loves to have glowing and beautiful skin. Due to the increased pollution and changes in climatic conditions, many people are suffering from different kinds of skin problems. Even though good care is taken about the skin there would be certain conditions where one cannot escape from certain skill allergies or diseases. The most common skin problems which people suffer from would be eczema, acne, and psoriasis, etc., As per the belief system in Ayurveda all the three doshas i.e. Vata, pitta and Kapha are involved either solely or in combination in various conditions.

In Ayurveda, it is explained in detail about the different causes of skin diseases or problems. Some of them are as follows:

  1. A person doing physical exercises after having a heavy meal.
  2. Going out or travelling in the hot sun after having a heavy meal.
  3. One suppressing all kinds of natural urges.
  4. Excessive intake of food items like yoghurt, fish, sweet and salty foods, etc.,
  5. Receiving either oil therapy or massages while ama is still present in the body.
  6. Improper administration and application of Panchakarma.

In Ayurveda, the skin orders are classified into a systematic order.

  1. There are seven major skin disorders which are called as Maha Kusthas and minor skin disorders are eleven and they are called as Kshudra Kunsthaus.
  2. The skin conditions of a person are also divided based on the Doshas that are involved and the symptoms and signs also differ accordingly.

For instance: a) Vata disorders under this the colour of the skin’s discolouration would be in black or brown, rough texture, dryness of the skin is caused, stiffness of the local area, fissures, numbness, nervous involvement, cracks, piercing or pricking pain in the affected areas.

  1. b) Pitta disorder is the condition where the discolouration of the skin would be either coppery or in red and there would be burning sensation on the skin, oozing of liquid, sweating, fever, inflammation, ulceration, pus formation, etc.,
  2. c) Kapha disorder is the condition where the discolouration of the skin would be in white, itching, swelling in the affected areas, fluid retention, oiliness, itching, and heaviness, etc.,

Any kind of skin problem it could be there is a one-stop solution that is Vardhan Ayurveda. Vardhan Ayurveda hospital was established in the year 1999. The treatment is done to understand the nature of every skin problem. At Vardhan Ayurveda ancient wisdom is used in treating all kinds of skin problems. We have many branches in Hyderabad and globally also we have got our recognition. Our testimonials speak volumes of many successful and happy stories of people who had suffered many skin diseases and recovered with our Ayurvedic treatment.  Our team of doctors working in all the branches are so passionate and dedicated and are also into deep research in understanding the nature of skin diseases and providing treatment accordingly. We take personal care of every person who comes for the treatment. With the knowledge of the perfect blend of herbs with ancient knowledge and wisdom, the treatment would be started. The herbs are selected after understanding the complete nature of the skin disorder.

A person’s skin offers clues about their overall health. When any changes are happening in the skin it also means that there are some imbalances deep inside the body. At Vardhan Ayurveda, the doctors don’t treat the symptom but they treat the entire root cause of the disease. In Ayurveda, the issues of skin which are imbalances are seen as doshas, and to cure such doshas only surface treatment won’t serve any purpose that is the reason a strict approach in Ayurveda includes lifestyle and diet changes. The treatment would start with the digestive system. The doctors make sure that your digestive system works well so that any kind of toxins won’t build up and after eating food there should not be any increase in inflammation. When a person does not take proper nutrients from there would the cause of illness and disease start?

Once any person takes Ayurvedic treatment at Vardhan Ayurveda we can assure that the person would have their glowing face and beautiful face back. After the treatment, you will be so good about yourself that even on special occasions you can confidently go for facial. The best part to go for the Ayurvedic treatment at Vardhan Ayurveda is that your skin will not have any kind of side effects and after the treatment, you will feel confident about yourself and no more worries about the skin.

When a person comes to Vardhan Ayurveda with any kind of skin problem, the doctors conduct detail research on the kind of skin problem it causes and reasons. The herbs for the treatment are also selected with good care. In order to be available for all the people suffering from skill diseases, we have many branches all across Hyderabad. You can consult us at any time if you have any kind of skin problem. Need not worry we assure you that you will get back your glowing skin.

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