What is the Causes, Symptoms of Knee pain & its Treatments in Ayurveda

Ayurveda treatment for Knee Pain and Swelling clears chronic joint pain caused due to the swelling of joints and surroundings.

In most of the cases, Osteoarthritis of a knee joint is the primary cause for the swelling & Knee pain.

Basically, Ayurveda offers several treatments for the knee pain that is appropriately worthy and never cause any side-effects because of the anti-inflammatory drug properties existed within the plants.

Oil application is important forms of medication for knee pain which will get penetrate the skin layers and fast action can be observed through this medication.

What Causes Knee Joint Pain and Swelling?

Knee torment is a typical issue that can influence individuals of all ages.

It can emerge after damage to the tendon that holds the two bones set up, tearing of ligament pad as found in joint pain, or because of irritation of the joints.

In elderly individuals, the normal reason for Knee Joint Pain is the osteoarthritis of a knee.

Some bone issue, for example, osteoporosis, gout, or diseases may likewise cause extreme torment in the knee joint.

Now and again, finished utilization of knee joints as if there should be an occurrence of lively exercise or games may likewise cause knee torment, yet it is self-constraining and dies down on a couple of self-mind regimens.

In any case, knee Joint Pain because of osteoArthritis needs a legitimate restorative treatment.

Purposes Behind Knee Agony and Swelling

  • Osteoarthritis of knee
  • Damage to the tendons holding knee bones
  • Break of knee bone
  • Damage to the ligament that associates bones and muscles
  • Breaking of ligament
  • Gout
  • Irritation of joint
  • Disease

What is Ayurveda’s Etiology of Knee Joint Pain and Swelling?

Ayurveda perceives the osteoarthritis of the knee as Sandhigatavata, which means incited Vata situated in sandhi (joints).

The limited Vata in joints influences all the typical physiological capacities.

As we age the Vata Dosha winds up overwhelming and henceforth issues, for example, knee Joint Pain is seen usually among more established individuals.

Ayurveda likewise considers undesirable eating regimen as a contributing variable for Arthritis and Knee Joint Pain.

Bothered digestion and assimilation additionally increment Vata vitiation cause torment in joints.

Even though there is no perpetual cure for osteoarthritis, Ayurvedic treatments and medicines help alleviate agony and swelling.

What are the Common Symptoms of Knee Pain?

Knee torment might be joined by some indications that are suggestive of Arthritis of knee joints and incorporate,

  • Redness
  • Firmness in joints
  • Swelling around the knee joint
  • Delicate and warm skin over the joint
  • Crunching or splitting commotions on development
  • Trouble in extending the knee

Who is at Risk of Having Knee Pain?

Even though knee agony can influence anybody, certain organic and way of life factors improve the probability of creating it.

Following are the hazard factors for knee Joint Pain and swelling-

Overweight and Weight:

Intemperate weight in heftiness puts excessive pressure and weight on the knee joints amid general exercises, for example, strolling or standing

Feeble Muscle Quality:

Individuals who have feeble muscle tone tend to create knee torment more effectively.

Fiery Physical Exercises:

Fiery exercise or game action can cause knee torment through damage to tendons.

Three Main Purposes that can be Achieved Through Ayurveda:

  • It reduces the swelling and knee pain.
  • It strengthens the muscles around the affected area.
  • Reduces Vata- a primary cause for the pain according to the Ayurveda, so cleansing internally is the best solution
  • What will be the exact period of treatment can be examined and suggested by the doctor. However, there are some treatments followed to reduce the Knee pain. The lists are explained as follows.


This is a type of treatment in which Full Body massage is done with the help of herbal oils.

This treatment stimulates the nerve endings at the affected part and reduces the pain at the joints; it regulates the blood circulation and rectifies the Vata condition in the body.

Application of oil lubricates the joints and restores the body movement.

Kizhi :

Kizhi uses mainly herbs or sand tied in a muslin material to make Potlis.

These boluses are then warmed and softly beat over the knee joint as required.

The dynamic elements of homegrown powders and leaves or rice act specifically on the site of knee joint irritation and diminish torment.

Pizhichil :

Pizhichil or oil pressing is done to appease the data, reinforce muscles and greases up knee joints.

Janu Basti:

Janu Basti includes pouring of uncommonly arranged warm homegrown oil over the knee.

The oil is held inside an all-around made utilizing dark gram glue or entire wheat flour.

The natural oil utilized as a part of the strategy re-establishes the greasing up liquid in the joint and keeps up trustworthiness of the structures engaged with the joint.

It likewise enhances the portability of the knee joints.

Janu Basti is primarily utilized as a part of Pain Management in conditions, for example, osteoarthritis of knee joints, osteoporosis, and Arthritis of knee joints and interminable torment of the knee joints.

It lessens the agony and solidness in knee joints and along these lines enhances versatility.


This therapy cures the pain by application of herbal paste over the affected area.

It is more effective for the Osteoarthritis of Knee; it circulates the blood and makes musculature strong.

Sneha Basti:

Sneha Basti simply means Colonic Detoxification, a brief explanation for this process is treatment involves in enema through medicated oil.

As per Ayurveda, Colon is the main cause of Vata.

Kashaya Basti:

In Kashaya Basti treatment, a medicated decoction is given to the patient who is suffering from joint pains.

This decoction helps to detoxify the colon in the body which is referred to be a main seat of Vata.

It also helps in relieving the patient from Constipation problem, a major portion of complaints

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