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“Movement is the Song of the body”

You feel happy & healthy if you move from place to place. Movement was meant for survival. It is so essential that we cannot Learn, Lead & Live without moving. 

We do not think of the word ‘movement’ as long as we move freely; we come to know the true value of ‘movement’ or ‘locomotion’ only when we really can’t move. 

Human ‘Movement’ gets hampered due to Injuries, history of fall or by Road Traffic Accidents or by major spinal disorders. 

Can you imagine your Life without Movement? 

Can you stay in bed for days, months & years? 

In the human body, there is a non-stop rhythmic movement – heart pumps the blood, kidneys filters the waste, lungs sucks in the breath of life, you name the organ we find their characteristic movement.  

As long as there exists a rhythmic movement, there is health & there is Life. When there is disturbance or malfunction there arises the disease. 

‘Vata’ in Ayurveda in its natural form gives ‘gati’ the healthy movement & when vata gets vitiated it causes pain & the disease. 

Take Action now !! 

An inch of ‘movement’ towards adopting ‘Ayurveda’ will bring you closer to ‘great health’!!


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