Panchakarma Treatment in Ayurveda

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Panchakarma Treatment in Hyderabadis known for its high success rate in treating patients with various ailments. Ayurveda is known as knowledge of science. It is originated in India nearly 5000 years ago, and since then, it is used as the primary health care medicine in many parts of the world. The core concept of Ayurveda medicine is to cure patients from the diseases without having the side effects and setbacks of the disease. An Ayurveda therapy benefits the person in the overall lifestyle for managing the proper health care routine. The presence of Ayurveda can define the art of healthy living with the precision of including science in the routine. It is the natural medicine practiced with the herbs and oils that have natural healing properties.Panchakarma Treatment helps promote healthy factors that excel in the quality of life and increase happiness in their lives.

Panchakarma Treatment in Hyderabad

Ayurveda focuses on maintaining the balance of the doshas responsible for any person’s bodily function. There are five elements with the combinations of three doshas that can interrupt the flow of energies and initiate discomfort in the body. Air, space, fire, water, and earth are the five elements influencing the health with combinations of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. These doshas govern the subtle movements of different energies through the body. Ayurveda focuses on ensuring healing of the core of the ailment by treating these doshas. Knowing which doshas is aggravated, then healing it would simultaneously control the body’s discomfort and do not repeat the same with proper ayurvedic medication. Panchakarma treatment is also part of the procedure that reduces the aggravated doshas through different therapies.

Pancha means five, and Panchakarma Treatment means using five therapies to promote health and treat doshas. Each of these therapies concentrates on the specific element of the body. Few toxins build up heavily and clog the performance of an organ. Panchakarma treatments are the cleansing methods to clear the toxins from the body in different ways. It helps in improving the functions of the body. The five therapies included in it are,

  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Nasya
  • Basti
  • Raktamochana

Let us now see the process of each of these cleaning methods,

Vamana: In this method, herbal oils with healing properties are applied externally and internally to the body. The oleation is done based on the intensity of the doshas. Oleation therapy causes the body to let out the toxins through sweat. The other process in Vamana is vomiting through medicine. The toxins build up the form of mucus. The lungs’ congestion can cause asthma, cold, cough, or bronchitis due to mucus’s built up. The Vamana process helps in vomiting the mucus and helps to clear the lungs for better breathing. This therapeutic vomiting helps in relaxing the lungs, muscles, and the upper part of the body.

Virechana: It is the administration of the therapeutic purgation process. In the method, the excess pitta causing bile disturbances is relived. The toxins built up in the bile region is excreted through the bowel. Oleation is also administered if necessary, in this process. Discomforts or ailments of the gall balder, liver, small intestine, jaundice, and skin inflammations, this process is recommended by the Ayurveda doctors after diagnosis.

Nasya: The process of administration of ayurvedic medication through the nasal path is called Nasya. The nose is the doorways to the head. Nasya process can clear the toxins built up in the region of the head. Health issues such as migraines, headache, ear pain, eye problems, and throat infections can be healed with the Nasya process. The regular practice of Ayurvedic medication through the Nasya process can heal the breathing patterns, eyesight, and headaches. Every person needs the life force to perform and control the activities of the body. The Nasya process helps in attaining improved health factors for the head region.

Basti: It is also known as enema therapy and focusing on maintaining the balance of Vata dosha. The medicated substances such as ghee, milk, or any herbal oils are inserted through the rectum for cleansing the colon. Vata is the root cause of a few diseases. The elimination of toxins built up in the rectum and colon can create improved feces and urine flow. In many patients, the improper balance of Vata can trigger other diseases.

Raktamochana: Rakta means blood in the Sanskrit language. The proper flow of blood is essential in the functioning of the organs in the body. When observed by blood, the toxins present in any body region interrupt the circulation and pass toxins all over the body. Raktamochana is the cleansing of the blood. It can be performed in any specific part of the body or the entire body to clear the toxins. Leeches are attached to the skin, and thus they intake the impurities present in the blood. The immune system can be improved with this process. Patients with leukaemia, skin disorders, bloodborne diseases are suggested with this process by qualified doctors. The Ayurveda experts indicate the time of the Raktamochana treatment after a thorough examination.

There are various therapies in Ayurveda like Panchakarma treatment, based on the person’s ailment, and most of these therapies are included in the regular treatment plans. Sometimes, people would like to relieve stress or feel calm through therapies, and these called rejuvenation therapies. They help people in relaxing by improving blood flow and reducing stress or anxiety. Some treatments help in managing the weight issue of the person. Overweight or obesity can cause health-related problems and may lead to death. Following a proper diet suggested by the qualified ayurvedic doctors with the yoga and meditation routine can reduce weight and help a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss cannot be happening immediately with these therapies. Still, with a proper schedule of following Ayurveda doctor’s suggestion, there will be a gradual decrease in weight over time in the right way.

We live in an era where people are busy and do not even have time to care for themselves. Ignoring the little details of health may let them walk the path of an ailment built up slowly. The human body is delicate, and it needs good care for well-being factors to encourage healthy living. Modern-day medicines may showcase improvements in curing for just a shorter time or until the medicine usage. In contrast, Ayurveda’s medicine is for the long-term process and improves the overall wellness of the person. One has to ensure that while using any medication, rushing to the results is not good. The healthy way of reducing the effects of ailment with the gradual improvement of health can help in the long-term path. Side effects may abrupt your improvement of health when using modern medicine. To ultimately allow the body to heal its inner core of ailments, you need to regularly follow the ayurvedic medicine and practices suggested by Ayurveda experts.

Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital is one of the top famous ayurvedic hospitals with the significant success rate of treatments. Spreading its wings across PAN India, the Vardhan Ayurveda has served in many of its branches of the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. Qualified ayurvedic doctors with decades of experience with ayurvedic medicine is performing therapies at Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital. Many patients with chronic ailments have been given excellent treatments and improved their health. One of the primary goals of ayurvedic experts is to make people aware of Ayurveda medicine’s benefits. Modern medicine may be having an immediate solution but at a great price and several procedures that may cost a fortune to the patient and, in the end, no guarantee of future health. Whereas in the Ayurveda, there will be therapies and diets that include natural herbs and oils with healing properties. Promote your health with Ayurveda and gain the healthy life path.

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